Vegan Without Warning

Plant Perfect® isn’t vegan because we’re activists.

We’re vegan because we love food.

We put flavor first!

We are plant-based, in your face, making you question
everything you thought you knew about vegan.

So throw those expectations out the window, will you?

Preconceptions are worthless.

You’ll be shocked at what plants can do, and Plant Perfect will prove it.

You better come hungry because

it’s about to get vegan up in here.

Unexpectedly Vegan Foods With No Hidden Agenda


Plants Only

We are plant advocates, and flavor comes first with our food. After all, your appetite’s not going to satisfy itself. But plants have the power to do it without doing a lick of harm.

Yes, please.


No Palm Oil. Ever.

We're not trying to sound glib. We're trying to talk real. Even the most sustainable palm oil has its limits.



Count on Plant Perfect® to uphold an industry-leading commitment to sustaining your body and the planet with zero GMOs.

Because, gross.

Meet us. Don’t meat us.

At Plant Perfect®, we believe that we’re all a little bit vegan. Some more than others, and we’re cool with that. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and the diversity of our tribe might surprise you. In fact, we don’t care if you’re a full-timer or a once-a-weeker, we just want the chance to make plants make your mouth water.

Plant Perfect was born from a group of flavor enthusiasts who share a passion for food and sustainability. Oh, and plants. Definitely plants. And as our team and menu continue to grow, so does our commitment to doing food right by doing right by our planet and everything on it.