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Plant Perfect™: the un-vegan-believable™ foods you’ll want to make extended eye (and mouth) contact with. Also, the plant-based sensations your customers are begging for.

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Product Listing

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Vegan Butter50/30 lb CubesFrozen
Creamy Porcini Mushroom Soup/Sauce4/5 lb PouchesFrozen
4 oz Mediterranean Burger60 Pieces/CaseFrozen
Bulk Mediterranean4/6lbFrozen
4 oz “Crab” Cake60 Pieces/CaseFrozen
Bulk Crab4/6lbfrozen
Chorizo and Sweet Corn Ravioli2/3 lb PouchesFrozen
"Seafood" Ravioli2/3 lb PouchesFrozen
Red Chili "Carnitas"4/8 lb PouchesFrozen
Chili Verde "Carnitas"4/8 lb PouchesFrozen
Smokey Pulled "Pork"4/8 lb PouchesFrozen
Spinach Artichoke Dip4/8 lb PouchesFrozen
Cheese Sauce4/8 lb PouchesFrozen
"Egg" Salad3 lb pouches/24 lb CaseRefrigerated
Ranch Dressing4/8 lb PouchesRefrigerated/Frozen
Caesar Dressing4/8 lb PouchesRefrigerated/Frozen
Sour Cream4/8 lb PouchesRefrigerated/Frozen
Mayonnaise4/8 lb PouchesRefrigerated/Frozen

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Download our full foodservice spec sheet below for production capacities, claim info and more.

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